Monday, June 11, 2012

A Beautiful May Day On The Farm

When we arrived at the farm, I began by putting the dogs into their fenced yard while I unloaded the groceries, laundry, etc. from the car. I turned on my water supply and enjoyed the views:

I checked out the progress of the barn restoration and, sadly, there hadn't been any. The rafter braces were right where they'd left them:

The apple trees were blooming nicely:

And the buds were especially lovely, reminding me of picking bouquets of them as a child for my mother and teacher:

The house looked wonderful seen through apple blossoms:

The pear tree had finished blooming and I could see tiny baby pears just beginning to form:

The barn sure looked better even if the contractors hadn't accomplished anything recently:

The lilacs were sort of blooming but it wasn't going to be a good year for them. Perhaps the warm winter and early summer had not been to their liking:

The flowering crabs, likewise, were blooming - but not spectacularly:

The old fashioned Bleeding Heart, however, was blossoming nicely:

Strawberries, Dandelions and Bleeding Hearts bloomed in profusion just below the dog run. The dogs watched my every move as I walked around taking photos:

Old fashioned white Daffodils were also blooming - rather late, it seemed to me, but I was happy to see them:

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