Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Bison Farm In The Adirondacks

I'd made so many trips up to the farm that I was looking for a new route to give me a bit of variety. I decided to exit the Northway at Exit 29 and take Blue Ridge Road, a county highway, west toward the town of Newcomb. But when I passed the Adirondack Buffalo Company, I had to stop:

They had an observation deck adjacent to the parking lot which provided a wonderful view out over the grazing bison to the Adirondack mountains. So I left the dogs in the car and grabbed my camera:

A small herd of bison grazed contentedly in the field below me:

They had a comfortable and scenic life:

I zoomed in for a closer view:

And snapped a picture of the peaks which framed the fields:

And then I went inside and toured the salesroom:

They had lots of Adirondack rustic furniture:

And tee-shirts, candles, posters, towels:

Lots of souvenirs:

More rustic furniture:

I purchased two pounds of ground bison meat and went back out to the car where my dogs were waiting. I used to take Blue Ridge Road when I was an avid hiker many years ago but was anxious to travel it again. I'll post more tomorrow:

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