Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Drive Home From The Farm

As always, my weekend at the farm was over all too soon and I began the long trip home through the Adirondacks. I pulled off the road to give the dogs a rest stop at the Cascade Lakes. It was even more beautiful than usual and the dogs were thrilled to go exploring:

Little Clover went chugging through the grass as if she was on a mission:

Fergus and Clover explored the shoreline beneath the stony cliff of a mountain:

I got the dogs back into the car and we continued on our way. But I just had to stop when I saw this filed of wild Lupines. I've read that these were garden flowers which had escaped and gone wild. I don't imagine that anyone is complaining, though:

We stopped for one last rest stop along the Ausable River:

I took a different path through the woods here, passing by some large boulders. I suppose these would be considered glacial erratics::

Fergus always keeps a close watch on me. He aims to please:

I don't often get a photo of the youngest and oldest dogs all together, but that's what happened here. I had probably just turned back toward the car and that resulted in the fastest dogs joining up once again with the slowest. Fergus and Seamus were nearby:

We all trotted back to the car, officially ending that trip up to the farm - well, all except for the final one hour and forty-five minutes of high speed highway driving. That's my least favorite part:

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