Monday, July 23, 2012

Part 3, Hiking Mount Arab

I was atop the fire tower of Mount Arab and enjoying the scenic views. But I also stopped to point my camera down to where my four dogs were tied, waiting impatiently for me to return to them:

It felt as if I was witnessing a miracle as I watched the clouds slowly break up and glide away, revealing the stunning Adirondack forests, mountains, lakes and rivers below:

I began to get some more long range views:

I didn't know what that lake was, but I later came to suspect that it was a place where the Raquette River had been dammed:

The surrounding hills became clearer as the clouds continued to move away:

OK, I suppose I am being silly, but did you see the "face" in the above photo? If not, here it is with a circle around it just for fun:

The miracle of the lifting clouds continued, revealing more of the surrounding landscape:

And I watched as the clouds drifted and rolled off to some other part of the Adirondacks:

The surrounding hills were not very high by Adirondack standards. That, I supposed, was why Mount Arab had been such an ideal spot for a fire tower:

I snapped one last photo over the top of the caretaker's cabin before I began climbing back down to the ground:

And four anxious dogs were very happy to see me:

We began our return hike to the trail head in the shadow of the fire tower, past the caretaker's cabin and back to our parked car. We passed several groups of hikers on their way up the mountain as we were descending. By then it was raining again so I didn't mention that I'd been privileged to witness a spectacular parting of the clouds:

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