Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Sevey Corners, New York

We had hiked up Mount Arab to the fire tower and back down (see previous three posts) and were on our way back to the farm. The dogs were sprawled out, recovering their strength for whatever the next adventure might be. But when I arrived at Sevey Corners, I knew I had to snap a few photos:

Sevey Corners is not listed on most maps. I'd even say it was smaller than Conifer, New York - and that's saying something. Most of the homes I saw were woodsy structures, some of which may have been summer camps instead of year 'round dwellings:

All them were obviously owned by people who valued the experience of living in a forest:

I think that this is a place I'd enjoy living. The houses were not too close together and the scenery was superb:

Surrounded by Pines and Birches, this home looked comfortable and welcoming:

I couldn't tell if this was a full time home or a vacation cabin. I suppose it could have been either:

And of course there had to be a log home or two. I couldn't help wonder, however, where these people worked and how long was their commute?:

This place looked more like a camp but then it was a Monday and someone was there, so maybe it was a full time residence, Cute, isn't it?:

As I pulled back onto the highway, I passed this group (or rafter, or gang) of turkeys alongside the road. It consisted of two adults and about eight poults:

And I figured that the Backwoods Inn was on the boundary line for what could be called Sevey Corners. I snapped a photo and continued on my way back toward the farm:

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