Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nicholville, New York - Part 2

I had decided to take a driving tour of Nicholville, New York on my way back with the dogs from hiking Quebec Brook. I'd driven down below the bridge to see the houses on the banks of the St. Regis River (see yesterday's post). Then I headed back up to the highway (Rte 11B) to see the rest of the town. Daphne seemed particularly interested in this barn:

I turned down Port Kent Road which I often travel on my way home to get some photos of the houses there:

I stopped at the Post Office to mail a letter and then walked across the road to get a photo, the dogs watching me intently:

And right across the street was a new, modern building which I thought might be a County health facility of some sort. I've since discovered that this is the Nicholville Telephone Company:

A study in blue with a porch for watching the neighborhood action:

Lots of greenery to soften the lines of this house:

And even more greenery. This porch was screened against mosquitoes, deer flies and their ilk:

An old farm house and barn. Could this have been the original farmstead on that part of Port Kent Road?:

The Duquette Submission Fighting Academy. Don't give these guys any lip:

A gorgeous wraparound porch of the old style:

A lovely green house in a park-like setting:

And a sturdy brick house with a bit of gingerbread trim. I'll post more tomorrow:

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  1. Gotta love the North Country and all the different ways people decorate their homes