Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Railroads On Parade, Part 2

I was touring the "Railroads On Parade" exhibit in Pottersville, New York. Daytime and nighttime cycles of three minutes each were alternating and I was currently watching the nighttime displays as miniature trains traveled back and forth through the little towns, cities and mountains:

A whole neighborhood of houses was lit up beneath a railroad bridge as trains raced across the span:

And then the lights brightened and it was daytime once again. I stopped at a city scene with vintage cars and trucks on an elevated highway:

The neighborhood I'd just seen at night looked totally different in the daytime:

Trains ran through snowy mountains:

And Mountains in autumn:

There was a switching yard:

And an Adirondack mining or logging town in autumn:

I stood back and snapped a shot to give you a better idea what the overall scene looked like:

And then focused back in at a city scene:

I never noticed at the time, but have noticed while making these posts, that all the scenes seem to have been set in 1955. That, apparently, was a very good year:

But even though it was plenty cool and cloudy outside, I had six dogs in the car who were quite anxious for me to return. And I had yet to stop for lunch and gas, not to mention a long drive yet to Albany. So I snapped one last photo of the "Railroads On Parade" building and headed on down the road. Their website, if you'd like to learn more is here:

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