Friday, July 27, 2012

Jones Pond Road To Rainbow Lake, New York

I'd left Osgood Pond and was continuing our journey back home on Route 86. But I only gone about 1500 feet when I decided to make one more exploratory turn, this time onto Jones Pond Road:

It took me to a small (and empty) camping area on the edge of Jones Pond. I left the dogs in the car and walked down the terribly rutted boat ramp to the water's edge:

Jones Pond was lovely in the morning's light:

I then continued on Jones Pond Road to the tiny hamlet of Rainbow Lake, New York:

Rainbow Lake appeared to be a combination of summer homes and permanent residences, a small settlement in the beautiful Adirondack forest:

There were large homes:

And smaller homes, all of them built beneath towering pines and spruces:

Apparently a young lady named Emily was earning money for college (nearby Paul Smiths, perhaps?) by cutting, splitting and selling firewood:

Many homes sat far back off the road in the woods. I supposed these were summer homes, as keeping the snow plowed in winter could be difficult:

Many homes looked rather deluxe to me:

This colorful home in the forest was my favorite. I liked its colors and homey aura:

This home was for sale and I looked it up when I got home, thinking that it must cost a fortune in such a lovely resort community. It was listed at only $159,000 with 1.5 baths, 3 bedrooms and a .25 acres. The interior was spectacular. Here's the website if you'd like to see more, though I can't guarantee it won't be sold by the time this posts. I then continued on my way home thinking I'd seen all of Rainbow Lake. But I've looked more closely at the map since and discovered there's much more to this settlement than I'd realized. Maybe I'll go back there again and see more:

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