Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Farm In June

I arrived at the farm and found the tenants (and their dog) away and my hay fields all mowed. So as soon as the car was unpacked and the dogs settled, I took a walk out into the south hay field. There were 35 bales of exceptional size. That's far fewer than last year, but  the bales were larger and the hay was cut earlier. I suppose he's hoping for a second cutting. I will be sure to insist that he spread manure in the autumn as promised. This photo was taken out in the south hay field looking back toward the barn and house:                                                                                                            

I walked back to the house and made sure the dogs were happy and safe inside their fence:

The weeds had been growing lushly alongside the milk room:

These yellow lilies were all that remained of the domestic flower plantings of past years:

But the Milkweed was also lovely, and smelled heavenly besides:

Inside the base of the old silo, a forest of white flowered something-or-other was blooming profusely:

I walked over for a closer look and a photo which I could identify later. Alas, I could find no obvious match in my field guide. This plant grows everywhere, though, so it is apparently quite common. It looks a bit like Elderberry but I never saw any berries last year. Anybody know what this is?"

Near the fish pond I found Blue-Eyed Grass and Fragrant Bedstraw:

And the old-fashioned roses which were almost dead because the Maple trees had been choking them out were not only growing, but beginning to bloom:

I walked out into the north hay field and found 23 extra-large bales all lined up:

These bales were easily twice the size of those the other farmer had made last summer:

And Motherwort was blooming nearly everywhere. Summer had come to the farm and I was looking forward to the day I can be here to watch nature unfold every day in all seasons:

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