Thursday, July 26, 2012

Discovering Osgood Pond On White Pine Road

Tuesday morning arrived before I felt ready to drive home, but I had no choice since I had to be at work on Wednesday morning. So I cleaned up the farm apartment, loaded the dogs all back into the car and headed south through the Adirondacks toward Albany. Just past Paul Smiths I turned onto White Pine Road because I'd read there was public access to a lake off that road. Indeed, I quickly saw this sign for Osgood Pond:

We turned down the access road and beheld this glorious morning scene. No one else was there so I let the dogs out to play. You can see Clover and Daphne below as they race toward the water's edge:

Seamus arrived shortly behind them and walked over to check things out:

White water lilies bloomed gloriously and I wanted to get a nice photo of them. But they were all too far out in the water and I wasn't about to wade out there, getting wet right up to my chest. So these more long distance shots will have to do:

The "Silly Sisters" were fascinated by the foam and aromas of the shoreline. I imagined how very thrilled they'd be at the detritus along an ocean shore:

Daphne posed for a picture, apparently wondering what on earth I was doing:

Wally and Winky stayed up near the trees and Clover eventually joined them. Yes, that's old Winky near the base of the tree with the sign on it:

Wally finally made it down to the water's edge, but by that time I was preparing to leave:

The dogs took a short stroll through the forest near the Osgood Pond:

Fergus was intent on reading the scents in the area, the canine version of the daily newspaper. You can just barely see Clover in the background. She, with her adventurous spirit, has a tendency to get too far away and I often have to call her back:

But soon I got all the pooches collected and back in the car:

After we left Osgood Pond, I continued a short distance more on White Pine Road until it ended at White Pine Camp. I couldn't tell by the only view of it I got, but apparently this is a private vacation cabin rental resort on the shore of Osgood Pond. Their website advertises it as "four season rustic elegance on magic Osgood Pond." We then continued our journey back through the Adirondacks toward home, but I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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