Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fake Ghost Town Which Became The Real Thing, Part 2

The dogs and I were walking through forest checking out the remains of an old village which had been part of the long abandoned Adirondack Frontier Town, now pretty much a ghost town:

There were many old cabins and a log church, all slowly crumbling their way into the ground:

Wally was doing an unusually fine job of keeping up with us. Perhaps because he's nearly blind and this was completely new territory for him, he wanted to be sure he didn't lose us. Winky, alas, didn't much care and wandered around casually, pretty much ignoring the rest of us:

I did manage to get Wally and Winky together and called all the dogs back toward the car. The deer flies were getting hungry and I wanted to be back inside a car:

I got all the dogs loaded back up into the car and then took a drive around the looped road, snapping photos of the old log buildings as I passed by:

Most were just plain cabins whose original purpose I couldn't guess:

But this one was clearly a refreshment stand.I know refreshment stands when I see them, even if they're built of logs:

But it was already hot and there was no water anywhere, so I drove the dogs back to the Schroon River, also on the grounds of the old Frontier Town. Clover and Daphne raced right down to the water's edge, wrestling the entire way:

Seamus went right into the water. Daphne and Clover considered do so also, but never got up the courage. Fergus did go in, but I'm sorry to say that the photo of his maiden "swim" did not turn out well:

But Seamus was delighted to do his brontosaurus act:

And everyone was happy. Just look at Fergus frolicking and Clover running:

I had to coax old Wally and Winky down to the water and hope they'd drink. As with horses, you can lead a dog to water but you can't.........well, you know the rest. This had been a lengthy rest stop but an unusually interesting and refreshing one. It was time to continue on our way toward the farm:

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