Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ode To Bramble

A friend sent me some photos of Bramble today in an email titled "Bramble Through The Years" and I thought I'd share them. Bramble is a kitten I adopted during the time I volunteered at our local animal shelter. A litter of black and white kittens came in and I was looking them over. They were all very friendly. A shelter employee said that if I really wanted to save a kitten, I should skip the friendly black and whites and adopt the unsociable gray and white kitten hiding in the back of the cage. I brought him home and named him Bramble. Here he is as a youngster in June of 2004:

On the window sill in November 2004. Because he's gray and white, it's sometimes hard to tell which photos are in color. In this case, you can tell by his eyes:

Resting in a cardboard box, November 2004:

And looking rather guilty on the stairs in March of 2009:

Doing his plastic owl face imitation in March of 2012. Bramble has actually become quite tame over the years, even friendly, but will never be one of the cuddly cats who nestle in one's arms. Nonetheless, he leads a happy life with lots of dogs and cats to keep him company:

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