Friday, July 20, 2012

Conifer, New York: A Woodsy Hamlet At The End Of A Dead End Road

Monday morning at the farm dawned overcast and there was rain in the forecast. But I'd been wanting to hike Mount Arab for quite a while and decided to give it a try in spite of the weather. I drove southwest of the farm for about 67 miles and turned right onto Conifer Road, a dead-end county road. But I saw on the map a settlement called Conifer at the end of the road, so I passed right by Mount Arab's access road and went on to see the hamlet of Conifer:

Conifer, New York seemed to contain mostly small, modest homes. I guessed that some were vacation homes but most looked to be year 'round residences:

Not surprisingly, it was a woodsy place, with lots of trees:

There was an old industrial building which added to my speculation that this was once a factory town of some sort whose residents worked for a logging or mining company:

My car windows were down and both Daphne and Clover watched the houses passing by with great interest:

I saw lots of children's toys and more than a few motorcycles and ATVs:

This home apparently housed children and fed the wild birds:

This home had a small flower garden, carefully weeded, out front:

A traditional white home with a place to sit out on the front porch and watch - well, not much would be passing by in Conifer. Perhaps they sat out there and  listened to the birds sing:

A basketball hoop, a rural mailbox, an ATV and several TV antennas. I imagine TV signals are difficult to get that far from any city. I know that radio signals are few and far between in that area:

People who have chosen to live that far out in the forest seemed to enjoy fixing up their homes and gardens. I imagined that this was the sort of place they'd dreamed of. I would like it also except that the houses were far too close together for my tastes:

A wheelchair ramp. Perhaps a retiree? Well, that was a look at Conifer, New York. I headed back toward Mount Arab, just a few miles away. But I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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