Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Farm In June

We arrived at the farm on a warm, sunny June Sunday afternoon. I unloaded the groceries, turned on the water and let the dogs out into their fenced yard. I hung my birthday gifts, two "screen climbers" by an Ohio artist, on the window screen looking out to the barn:

The next morning, the glow of the rising sun cast a pinkish hue over the snoozing pooches on my bed:

Winky was watching from a comfortable floor pillow:

Seamus, who because of his size should need a soft bed the most, refuses to use them. He likes the floor:

I walked outside and snapped a photo of the fragrant Mock Orange in bloom. You can see the red glow from the rising sun on the trees in the background:

The old peony near the road which had been mowed over continuously for several years was staging a rather glorious comeback. Furthermore, I had several other peonies growing where the maples used to be. And several old fashioned roses, all coming back from the dead and growing rapidly:

The house and barn glowed in the light of the rising sun:

The barn hadn't been worked on in a long time in spite of the contractor's many promises. But it still looked good:

Later in the day I walked across the road for a photo of the house and barn:

And a photo from the roadside peony plant:

This is the south end and east side of the barn. The east side is where the decrepit old sheds once stood. It sure looks better without them!:

And the west side of the barn, where the tenant has planted a garden and is collecting rain water from the milk room roof with which to water it:

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