Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stopping At Mountain Pond

We left the town of Saranac Lake (see previous post), still headed toward the farm. I figured the dogs all could use another rest stop. So when I saw the sign for Mountain Pond, I carefully and slowly turned down it. That road is an abomination, filled with giant pot holes and bumps. But I already knew to be cautious. I stopped near the water's edge, snapped this photo and let the dogs out to play:

The day was clear and sunny, but not yet hot. It was beautiful and we seemed to have the whole lake to ourselves:

I searched for loons but didn't see any. But that was OK, I couldn't complain with a view like this:

There was just enough breeze to ripple the surface of the water and keep the bugs away:

I saw little minnows in the shallow water. I very much wanted to photograph them but knew from experience that those shots never turn out to be usable:

While I admired the scenery, the dogs trotted around inspecting everything, especially the places where campers might have dropped food:

And there were flowers in bloom on that June day. This one, I've decided, was Orange Hawkweed, an alien species in the Composite family. Alien or not, it sure was pretty:

And Sheep Laurel was blooming beautifully and with brilliant color:

The dogs had fun and I'd enjoyed the scenery, but it was soon time to leave and continue making our way to the farm. I'll post more tommorow:

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