Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nicholville, New York - Part 3

I'd toured nearby Nicholville from the highway (Rte 11B), from the bridge over the St. Regis River, on the road along the shoreline of the river and from Port Kent Road. I often take Port Kent Road on my way home from the farm and these houses are like old friends to me. This is a comfortable, old fashioned small town:

This old home had a wrap-around porch of gargantuan dimensions:

I thought this home was abandoned but then noticed furnishings inside. Perhaps it's occupied:

I drove back out to the highway and noticed, for the first time, the Nicholville Fire Department:

I crossed the highway to County Route 55, a road I'd not traveled before and passed by this lovely home with its blooming peonies:

And this old farmstead with a huge bush of white flowers. I didn't know what they were:

And directly across the road was this field of purple roses:

I got out of the car to investigate and found these double roses to be wild, or more likely escaped, clearly reseeding themselves. They mostly stood on single stems about 36" tall and branched out from there:

I guessed that these were an old fashioned house planting which had gone wild. Their hardiness was indisputable and frankly, they were quite pretty. I might go back to the house across the road and ask if I could dig some up:

And a new and modern Roman Catholic church stood off in the middle of acres and acres of hay fields:

And then I began driving home where Wally and Winky were waiting. I passed by this Methodist church whose steeple bell now sits on the ground. Apparently their old steeple collapsed and a new, simpler steeple had built without the bell:

And this friendly old country house. This was familiar country, just down the road from my place. I continued on home to tend to Wally and Winky and settle in for the evening:

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