Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Misty, Foggy Farm Morning

The dogs and I had arrived at the farm on Sunday afternoon after a long journey from Albany. The younger dogs and I had gone hiking on Monday morning and then settled in for the night in our little farm apartment. On Tuesday I arose well before dawn and let the dogs out, drank coffee, exercised, ate breakfast, listened to Canadian Public Radio and did crossword puzzles. When the sun came up I took a walk around the property. It was all shrouded in mist:

The fog was heavy and everything looked a bit mysterious:

I walked out a short way into the south hay field and then looked back toward my house and barn:

The apple trees were still laden with fruit and stood quietly in the haze to the south of the farm house:

I walked across the road to view the house from that angle:

And my neighbors' horses and barn in the morning mist. It was Tuesday morning and I had a long drive to make back to Albany. I was disappointed that I hadn't been able to take another hike, but I was hatching a plan. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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