Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Night In The Farm Apartment

I'd just finished the hike up to The Ledges with my four youngest dogs and then driven back to the farm by way of Malone. I needed to fill my car's gas tank and buy something for lunch. I arrived back at the farm and let the oldsters, Wally and Winky, out to do their business. I'd intended to then leave for a second hike but it was by then too late due to all the sightseeing I'd done, not to mention the erroneous mini-hike I'd taken on a trail which turned out to be the entrance to someone's camp. So I decided to settle in for the night. The dogs were delighted to get their dog food:

And Wally had missed me, so I picked him up for a bit of special treatment:

My dogs are remarkably non-aggressive about their dog food (and rawhide chewies). I'd enforce the peace if I had to, but they've always been well behaved. It helps that their dinners are abundant and boring. I also keep lots of rawhide chewies on the floor, usually 30 or so of them, so they never become high value possessions:

It was still quite early in the day by most people's standards, but we'd been up since well before dawn and I was quite tired. It appeared to me that the dogs were happy to rest also:

Clover, Daphne and Fergus jumped up on my bed for a snooze:

Winky doesn't sleep on the bed, but he was happy to settle himself as close to it as possible. The dogs were fed and comfortable, so I cooked myself some dinner and we all had an early bedtime:

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