Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Ausable River Rest Stop

I hadn't been up to the farm in many weeks due to a busy schedule and too much rain so I was anxious to get up there again. On Sunday morning I loaded the dogs into my little red car and pointed it northward. We didn't stop until we exited the highway and arrived in Keene, New York. I pulled into our little campsite hoping no one was using it. Apparently campers had just left because their campfire was still smoldering:

The dogs piled out of the car and we headed immediately down to the banks of the Ausable River:

This is a pleasant and level walk. Seamus' new, leaner look seemed evident in this photo:

The flood conditions left behind by Tropical Storms Irene and Lee had abated so I rock-hopped out to the edge of the water. I was surprised when I looked back and saw that elderly and nearly blind Wally was keeping up with me. Little Clover was still back on the shore watching us:

Daphne and Seamus had already hit the water for a cool drink:

And the river was lovely, with small mountains and the beginnings of autumn color visible from my rocky perch:

Little old Winky is getting slower and more stubborn in his dotage, so he just waddled along. He still enjoys himself, though I have to watch him closely:

But this was just a quick rest stop so we soon headed back up the hill to our parked car:

The camp fire was still smoking:

The four younger dogs all hopped back up into the car but Wally needed some encouragement to finish his journey back up to where we'd parked:

And of course Winky was the last to arrive. He seems to be intentionally taking his time, sniffing rocks and plants as he slowly makes his way toward where I'm calling. I think it's a declaration of independence for him, his way of saying that he's perfectly capable of doing this on his own and he'll arrive when he's darn good and ready. But we had many miles yet to drive, so once all six dogs were in the car I continued on my way toward the farm:

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