Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quebec Brook River Scenes And Forest Scenes

We came to an old stump with a "head of hair" composed of lichens. It appeared, in this magical setting, as an old, white haired man of the forest. In actuality, this tree was likely cut down many decades ago when this was a railroad bed:

We were on our way back to the trail head, but I wasn't going to let that detract from my full appreciation of the magnificent Boreal forest. Indeed, there were many things I hadn't noticed my first time through:

Another gnarled old stump sprouting fungi. This one sure had lots of personality:

I found some very old logs leading to the shoreline of Quebec Brook and designated as a canoe carry. Of course we took the opportunity to explore the water's edge once again:

The "Silly Sisters" bounced and played on the rocks:

Seamus, of course, went in the water and then came out to drip dry and survey the wilderness:

And what great beauty there was to survey:

Quebec Brook is, according to what I've read, a beloved wilderness canoe route. But it looked to me like a very difficult waterway for any canoe or kayak. I believed that I'd chosen the better way to explore - with my feet:

Serene, wild beauty:

There wasn't much in the way of bird songs this late in the season, though I believe I remember Blue Jays and Ravens making some noise:

We resumed our journey on the trail. And yes, that is the trail. It wasn't all easy trekking and well defined. But we weren't yet back to the trail head. I'll post more tomorrow:

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