Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arriving At The Farm

It'd been about a month since I'd been up to the farm and I was pleased to find everything mowed, clean and in good order. I parked and put my dogs inside the fence:

The Tall Garden Phlox which Mary Ellen had given me were still blooming. I'd say they were doing quite well:

The tenants had added a bit of autumn decoration to the outside of the barn:

And the ground beneath the apple trees was littered with a good crop which no one seems interested in eating. I'll make good use of them all when I have livestock some day:

The south hay field looked trim and neat. The hay bales had all been removed:

The previous tenants had told me that the larger, more attractive apples were the least tasty and the smaller, uglier apples were the sweetest. But I didn't taste them. I only admired their beauty and dreamed of feeding them to livestock some day:

A potted Chrysanthemum and a scarecrow decorated the back door. The place was looking pretty good and I was glad to be there. It already feels like home to me:

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