Sunday, October 23, 2011

Arriving At The Farm

It took six hours to get from my house in Albany up to the farm, a trip that could have taken only four hours if I hadn't made so many rest stops and scenic detours. But I had six dogs with me who love to get out and run - and also to relieve their bladders. I stopped again near Tupper lake and we all headed into the woods:

Seamus led the way this time:

The other dogs caught up with me encouraging the two slow-pokes, Wally and Winky:

We walked down to a small stream where we were all shocked and surprised when a bow hunter emerged from the woods. All the dogs were delighted to see him except for Fergus, who apparently deemed him a dangerous character. The hunter was friendly and liked dogs, but advised me that bow season for bears was open and Seamus could look too much like a black bear. I thanked him for the alert and loaded my canine crew back into the car so we could finish our journey:

It was still overcast and rainy when we arrived. My first order of business was to put the dogs into their fenced in area and begin unloading the car. I carried everything into my little farm apartment, turned up the heat and then went down into the cellar to turn on my water supply:

I then let the dogs inside, set my camera for self-timer and picked up Daphne for a photo:

I took a walk out into the north hay field because I thought I saw an injured Canada Goose. Alas, it was only resting and my intrusion sent it skyward. I didn't even get a usable photo so I aimed my camera back at the house and barn:

The south hay field still had some bales of hay and a wagon waiting to be removed. This farmer has not added one bit of manure or even chemical fertilizer to my fields. He'd promised to do both. Perhaps it's time to find someone else to do the job. Heaven knows, I've had lots of offers:

The daylight was fading rapidly and the dogs were watching me anxiously as I returned to the house:

I'd taken so long to get there that the day was nearly over. So we all went indoors to just got comfortable and settle in for the night:

I put the pillows on the floor for use as dog beds, but as you can see, most of the dogs have a better idea - my bed!:

Little Winky, however, does not get up on the bed. He uses one of the pillows:

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