Friday, October 21, 2011

Route 28 Along the Hudson River And North

Just after passing through the town of North Creek NY, Route 28 began taking us along the shores of the Hudson River. The Hudson River up in the Adirondacks is quite different from the polluted, dammed (some would say "damned") waterway known to New Yorkers in the south of the state. The Hudson River up here is a pristine, rushing waterway passing through Adirondack wilderness lands:

There were many places to pull off of the road and view the scenery close up, so of course I did just that:

You can see in this photo how close the highway skirts the riverbank:

All along the road were canoe liveries and white water rafting companies. It was apparent that this stretch of river is a popular recreation site for adventurous tourists and locals:

And it certainly was beautiful:

A stone monument read, "In memory of the river men and foresters who made the the Hudson River Drive from forest to factory, 1850 - 1950. This river was the scene of many log drives:

We then continued on our way, heading north on Route 30 and passing this beautiful old barn:

A Mountain Chapel on the shores of Lake Durant which we passed along the way:

We continued north on Route 30, an attractive, scenic highway. On a Sunday morning there was very little traffic:

The Adirondack scenery was indeed superb. This was so far a most enjoyable trip. I'll post more tomorrow:

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