Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Driving Through Lake Placid And Beyond

We drove past the Cascade Lakes without stopping but as we made our way toward the town of Lake Placid, I just couldn't resist. It was just too beautiful to pass by without snapping a few pictures:

When I arrived at Adirondack Loj Road, I pulled off the road for more photos:

These are some of the highest of the high peaks, many of which I hiked when I was younger:

And stretching out in the other direction is the town of Lake Placid with the Olympic high jumps rising high above the buildings. That's where we were heading next:

I stopped at a soccer field behind the Lake Placid High School to snap a picture of Whiteface Mountain. That's the one peak which a person can drive to the top of and I drove it once with my mother shortly before her death:

We drove out of Lake Placid, past the home of John Brown and toward Ray Brook, New York:

The dogs seemed to be getting antsy again but I wasn't sure where we could stop in this area:

And then I remembered a little pull-off along the road which led right into the forest:

So I stopped and let the dogs out to run. They seemed quite happy about it:

Seamus and the younger dogs took off uphill into the forest, sniffing and "anointing" everything:

"Hi Dad, can we go hiking now?"

Daphne discovered a clump of a parasitic plant and I stopped for a photograph. I've had a lot of debate about its identity, but have finally concluded that it was Indian Pipe even though its flowers hadn't yet nodded and even though it was much taller and thinner stalked than usual. Feel free to correct me if I was wrong:

But it was quickly time for all the dogs to hop back up into the car so that we could continue on our way. Little old Winky, as usual, dragged his feet. He was moving toward the car, albeit very slowly. I finally had to help him up into the car which occasioned some angry growling. Winky is and always was a one-of-a-kind:

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