Saturday, October 22, 2011

Up Through Long Lake and Beyond

I was driving up to the farm on Route 30 with all six dogs in the car. I arrived in the Adirondack town of Long Lake and parked near the Adirondack Hotel. When Tropical Storm Irene came through, the road in front of this hotel and the parking lot were flooded right up to the building:

And directly across from the hotel is a beach with pontoon planes parked (docked?), awaiting tourists for sightseeing tours, sportsmen heading for the interior or businessmen in a hurry:

Long Lake is quite beautiful and, needless to say, extremely long. The town and this beach are located at a particularly narrow spot in an otherwise narrow lake:

 There were numerous pontoon planes parked along the shore:

After taking a few pictures, I resumed my journey. But when I passed this magnificent waterway lined with bog plants and spruces and with a mountain for a backdrop, I just had to stop for another photo:

Route 30 is a beautiful road with great scenery:

And I began to pass small ponds as I neared the town (and the lake) of Tupper Lake:

There are lots of ponds just south of Tupper Lake and they sure are spectacular. Notice the clouds drifting across the top of that small mountain. That's one advantage to driving through the Adirondacks in rainy weather. The dogs wanted me back inside the car - either that or they figured they should be allowed out:

All along the shoreline of this pond were birches and other hardwoods showing their autumn colors. Clouds drifted slowly across the mountaintops:

I love watching the clouds moving across the mountains. They seem to skip over the valleys and then get caught on the high points:


  1. Hurrah, you have comments!! :-D Those last two pics are especially beautiful - love the autumn colors reflected on the pond. I am amazed you are able to manage six dogs, and never lose any of them! :-)

  2. Thanks. I discovered that I had set up my comments to require moderation but notification went to a nonexistent email address. I think I've now fixed both of those. I'm still figuring this all out. And yes, I worry about losing a dog and count them repeatedly. I suppose I've seen too many sitcoms where a child was left behind at a gas station.