Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Peat Bog At Benz Pond, Part 1

I was on my home from the farm on a Tuesday morning and taking a detour down Blue Mountain Road so that the dogs and I could stop at Benz Pond. I'd read that it was just off the road, an easy walk for Wally and Winky, and was surrounded by a peat bog. I found the pond and parked just off the road. I put Wally and Winky on leashes and we all began walking down to the waterside:

When we neared the peat bog I unsnapped Wally and Winky's leashes. I knew that walking might be dicey and wanted my hands free and the dogs to be able to explore:

Adventurous little Clover was the first to arrive. Benz Pond was magnificent and we were all walking on a mat of floating peat:

It was like walking on a giant sponge and the dogs seemed to enjoy it also:

I'd hoped to see lots of rare plants, especially carnivorous ones, but I only spotted this one beleaguered Pitcher Plant, unfortunately growing right in the path where it apparently gets stepped on regularly:

As we neared the edge of the floating mat of peat, each step caused it to bounce in the water. I'd read that it is possible to break through, but that it is not life threatening as the water isn't that deep. I determined to be careful and tread gingerly nonetheless:

The two Papillons found something interesting, probably an animal poop of some kind. Those tiny leaves all around their feet were Cranberries. Alas, I found not one single berry:

Wally and Winky were slow to arrive and seemed unsure of their footing on the spongy, bouncing peat:

Seamus has been on so many adventures that he takes most any new experience in stride:

We all explored the floating peat bog for a few minutes. This was to be our great adventure as we traveled home. I'll post more about it tomorrow:

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