Monday, November 28, 2011

Canton, New York, The County Seat - Part 3

I'd hiked with the dogs on Monday morning and then began a driving tour of the area around the farm, beginning with Potsdam, New York. I was now in Canton, New York and enjoying its bustling downtown and quiet, old residential streets with large trees:

Many of the houses appeared to be rather old. This one, I suspected, may have been a farm house many years ago before all the neighbors moved in:

The kind of front porch which is ideal for sitting in a rocking chair and greeting your neighbors as they pass by:

Canton seemed to me to have an unusual number of very tall trees. It made the town seem warm and friendly to me, but then I am a tree lover:

Some of the homes looked rather expensive to me:

And some seemed more modest and comfortably affordable:

This house was for sale and I looked it up on the Internet when I got home. It was a three bedroom, two bath home listed at $87,500:

More fine old homes:

St. Lawrence University is also located in Canton and was quite beautiful. It was founded in 1856 by the New England Universalist Church but today is a nondenominational liberal arts institution with an excellent reputation:

I passed quickly through the campus and took only these two photos. Perhaps I'll stop in again some day for a closer look, but I'd had a long day and decided to begin making my way home to the farm:

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