Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Last Rest Stop On Our Way Home

The dogs and I had certainly had a busy, adventure filled trip up to the farm. But it was almost over and there was only one chance left to give the dogs a rest stop before getting on the busy Northway, a limited access highway. So I pulled off into our little campsite along the Ausable River. Instead of walking down along the river, however, I led the dogs off into the forest:

One need not walk very far into the Adirondack forests to experience wildness, calm and unspoiled beauty. This was an occasion not only for a rest stop but for quiet reflection - at least for me. I don't know what was going though the dogs' minds. For them, it seems to be all fun all the time:

I couldn't walk far with Winky and Wally along. You can see them here lagging behind on the trail, still not too far from my parked car:

I called and encouraged them. And I waited. Finally they arrived. You can see Wally's perky trot in this photo, his head up as he listens attentively for my voice since his eyesight is so bad:

Once I had all the dogs in a group we walked a short distance into the forest:

And again, Wally and Winky lagged behind. But you can also see that they're having a marvelous time:

Just as I was loading my canine crew back into the car I noticed this collection of fungi right next to me. This sure has been a banner year for fungi and I've sure enjoyed discovering and photographing them. But our trip to the farm was essentially over and all that remained was a high speed rush down the Northway to Albany:

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