Friday, November 11, 2011

Invasion Of The Wild Mushrooms!

This has been a marvelous year for wild mushrooms and if you've followed this blog you've seen photos of red, yellow and purple fungi.You can see all the "mushroom posts" by just clicking on the label below. But I was surprised one recent morning to find small mushrooms growing in the terrarium in my bedroom:

Several small brown umbrellas had sprouted up in the damp soil to complement the colorful foliage plants growing there:

I even had a trio of parasols elegantly gracing the tiny bridge and wondered if I'd accidentally brought spores back with me from a hike or if they'd just been floating in the air:

Growing mushrooms indoors just to look at never occurred to me before, but now I'm considering the possibility of bringing home one of the extravagantly colored wild mushrooms some day from a hike hoping it will deposit spores in my little terrarium. Well, it'll have to wait until next year at any rate:

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