Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Rest Stop On Our Way To The Farm

Well, it was time to drive up to the farm for the weekend. I loaded all six dogs into my little red car and headed toward the north country. Yearning for a bit of a change, I exited the Northway (limited access highway) at the tiny town of Pottersville and began to travel northwest on Route 28N. I'd previously discovered a little rest stop along the way, so we stopped there. I let the dogs out and we all entered the forest. The youngsters ran ahead, but old Wally wobbled a bit as he crossed a small brook on this log carpeted with emerald moss:

Fergus first ran ahead with the youngsters but then came back to be sure I was alright:

Daphne investigated the sights, sounds and taste of the burbling brook:

Winky was working on keeping up with us but those darn logs kept getting in his way!:

Daphne couldn't resist taking another taste:

Big ol' Seamus led the smaller dogs through the forest grasses:

Fergus and Daphne went exploring. Clover, true to form, had passed that spot some moments earlier and was already checking out the forest:

"Here I am, Dad. Did I do good?":

Wally, also a bit on the geriatric side and rapidly losing his eyesight, contemplated the possible dangers of crossing a chilly, rocky stream:

But then he decided to go for it, picking his way carefully across the rocks:

We all enjoyed the Adirondack forest for a bit, but then it was time to return to the car and resume our journey up to the farm:

One last photo of Fergus and then we were on our way:

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