Saturday, November 26, 2011

Canton, New York, The County Seat - Part 1

I was taking a driving tour of the area just west of my farm. I'd explored the town of Potsdam, about 14 miles from the farm and then decided to drive to Canton, about ten miles to the west of Potsdam. Canton, like Potsdam, is a university town. It's also the county seat. As I entered the town I discovered large, well kept old houses and tall trees:

And many churches, most of them old line denominations. They appeared to be prosperous. This was the Unitarian Universalist church, a real going concern which I've kind of kept an eye on by means of the internet. They recently hosted a Public Radio broadcast and seemed to be a booming congregation. I plan to attend there some day when I retire if the 25 mile drive isn't too much:

This was another example of an elaborate, impressive old church, though I didn't walk over to discover what denomination. It was across a green space which housed a large fountain just being shut down for the winter:

More churches and large houses lined the main road through town:

And more modern buildings also:

Most of the houses I saw were large and impressive, but I thought that might be because I'd so far not left the main highway. The town was certainly beautiful:

As I entered the old style downtown area, I thought it looked very much like nearby Potsdam, which of course would be expected:

Canton had a very old fashioned movie theater:

And rows of shops. As with Potsdam, I was happy to note that the mom and pop stores in the downtown area seemed to be thriving in spite of the burgeoning collections of big box stores on the edges of town:

A fine old home with a carriage house out back:

I turned off the main highway and found more very nice old homes. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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