Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Driving Home, From Santa Clara To Hays Brook

I'd had quite a busy and fulfilling visit up to the farm, enjoying the exercise of a hike and my driving tour through Potsdam and Canton, New York. But Tuesday morning dawned and it was time to drive home. I took the usual, fastest route but stopped at the boat launch on the St. Regis River along Route 458. Everything was misty and foggy, a totally new but beautiful way to see the river:

The fog lifted as we continued our way down Route 30 toward Paul Smith's, a sort of combination college and town. The scenery along the way was superb:

Scenes such as this are common throughout the Adirondacks. The park is a natural wonder:

But of course the dogs would appreciate a rest stop and I had a trail head to check out. So I pulled off toward the Hays Brook Equestrian trail and drove right past it to the trail head for the DeBar Wild Forest. The dogs all piled out of the car and we began a short walk on the trail. I took note of the warning against spreading "Rock Snot." Since I wasn't boating, I didn't need to worry:

Clover and Daphne of course ran full speed down the trail until I hollered at them to stop:

I managed to get all the dogs together so that we could enjoy a leisurely stroll in the forest:

Wally took his time, but I'm used to that:

The forest there is lovely and welcoming:

And the "silly sisters" continued to romp and play:

But this was only a brief rest stop and we had to continue on our way. I called the dogs back toward the car:

There were several other cars parked at the trail head. I didn't know if they were hunters or hikers, but we didn't go far enough to encounter anyone. I shot one last photo of Seamus before we all hopped back up into the car and resumed our journey:

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