Friday, November 4, 2011

The Peat Bog At Benz Pond, Part 2

The dogs and I were on our way home from the farm and had stopped along Blue Mountain Road to explore the peat bog at Benz Pond:

Being autumn, the sphagnum moss was turning scarlet in many places:

And cranberry plants grew nearly everywhere:

The surrounding Boreal Forest isolated us from anything that might remind one of civilization, and I liked that just fine. To know that my comfortable car was a mere fifty feet away made it even better:

I didn't explore too far as the peat bog bounced with every step I took and I was not anxious to break through and have to drive the rest of the way home cold and wet. But I'd sure like to explore that shoreline sometime in the summer:

Small trees were sprouting in the floating sphagnum and it really was evident how a pond would gradually fill in and eventually become dry land:

When it came time to leave, Winky was of course the lone hold-out. He was having himself an adventure and wasn't ready to go back to the car. But when we all walked away he became concerned and decided he'd better follow us:

I called him and he did eventually tip-toe his way back across the floating peat and up the trail toward the car:

Old Wally's eyesight is so poor that he relies on my calling him to keep us with us. When Wally is with us, I have to talk continually and say his name frequently. But he sure has a good time! Well, our Benz Pond peat bog excursion had come to an end without anyone getting wet and it was time to continue driving home:

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