Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beginning The Journey Home Through The Adirondacks

After exploring the peat bog at Benz Pond on Blue Mountain Road, I loaded the dogs all back up into my little red car and and continued the trip home. But of course I had to stop when Blue Mountain Road crossed over Quebec Brook:

Quebec Brook is a scenic, wild wonder and it brought back memories of our recent hike through the Boreal Forest along its banks:

Blue Factory Road became narrower and more remote for some distance, and then began to widen once again as a few houses appeared. We were were approaching Paul Smith's, a sort of combination college campus and town. The scenery all along the road was magnificent:

Once we were back on the main highways, I took the usual route down through the high peaks region, stopping here and there to snap photos of beautiful scenery:

This was in Brighton, New York, a small but scenic town in the Adirondacks:

I made a brief stop at Lake Colby, just north of the town of Saranac Lake:

And then detoured right into downtown Saranac Lake to stop at an Adirondack themed store to check for possible Christmas gifts. It's surely a classic little town and I think I'd like to live there - except, of course, for the fact that it often sets records for the coldest temperatures during the winter:

And right in the heart of the town of Saranac Lake was Lake Flower, with lovely homes on its shores:

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