Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arriving At The Farm On A November Day

It was a very long trip, a good six hours, driving from Albany up to the farm. In theory it's only a four hour trip, but of course I make lots of doggy rest stops and tourist stops. But we did arrive on a sunny November Sunday afternoon. Everything at the farm looked good and I got busy turning up the heat, putting food into the refrigerator, turning on the water supply and making the bed (I'd washed the sheets). Fergus and Daphne immediately made good use of my clean bed clothes while Winky lounged on the carpet:

Clover rested on a dog bed/pillow while Winky rolled for joy:

As for Fergus, he just wanted to stay on the bed:

Seamus and Wally were resting near the table and Daphne went over to join them:

Life is good:

I was worried about leaving all six dogs in that tiny apartment when I left without them the following day. The tenant showed me what he'd done with his dog and a dog for which he was babysitting. He'd cleaned out an enclosed stall in the barn, carried in some armloads of hay and kept the dogs in there. I took my dogs out there to test it out. They found it fascinating, filled with all sorts of amazing, interesting smells:

Yes, Fergus is peeing. All the dogs seemed to find it necessary to mark this room as theirs. I let them do it as I knew I'd be fighting a losing battle if I tried to stop them. But the good news was that they seemed to like the place:

The dogs and I went back into the apartment to prepare for the evening. But I heard quite a ruckus outside so grabbed my camera and went out to investigate. Thousands of geese were flying overhead on their way south.  I was too late to catch most of them, but I did manage to get a brief video:

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