Monday, November 7, 2011

Driving Home Through The Adirondack High Peaks Region

We'd reached the Keene Valley, the dogs and I, and were on our way home from a trip up to the farm. I pulled up the hill into the Keene Cemetery to give the dogs a rest stop and to see the colorful high peaks. I was not disappointed:

In case you suppose that I thoughtlessly allow the dogs to mess up a lovely cemetery, I assure you that I walk them into the forest and away from the mowed grave sites. When the dogs were all walked and satisfied, I loaded them back up into the car and began to exit. But of course I kept stopping to snap pictures of the surrounding scenery:

The cemetery sits high on a hill in the Keene Valley with the Adirondack's high peaks in direct view. And on this day in October the mountains were clothed in autumn colors:

The skies were filled with clouds which alternately cast shadows on the surrounding landscape and, opening up, allowed the sun to cause the autumn colored mountains to glow. Sometimes the low flying clouds drifted across the tops of the mountains, an effect I always find particularly beautiful:

We drove back down the cemetery road and resumed our journey on Route 73. But I'd only gone a short distance before I stopped one more time to photograph the nearby mountains:

And when we passed Marcy Field, I pulled right in to stop and enjoy the mountain views:

Marcy Field is apparently no longer used for airplanes. It is now the scene of weekly Farmers' Markets. To me it is a wonderful place to view the surrounding mountains. But we still had a long journey ahead of us, so I hopped back into the car and continued on my way:


  1. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog! I have been meaning to let you know how helpful your blog has been to me. It's a good 2 1/2 hour drive each way for me to hike in the Catskills or South Taconics. After Hurricane Irene I figured I had better forget about going to either place until next year with all of the damage. I didn't want to drive all that way just to find out roads were closed, bridges were out and trails were too damaged. But when I read your posts about your hikes at Windham High Peak and Jug End, I knew I could proceed with planning those hiking trips. I got two great fall hikes in at my favorite places thanks to you! I wish I were closer to the Adirondacks but that's a little too far for a day trip, so your lovely pictures will have to do.


  2. Thank you. I enjoyed your photo journey through the Jug End/Mt. Everett hike also and tried to comment there also, but my comment apparently got lost. All your posts are carefully planned, instructive and beautifully illustrated.