Sunday, November 27, 2011

Canton, New York, The County Seat - Part 2

I was on a driving tour of Canton, New York, just west of my farm. I'd been told of a store which specialized in the handiwork of northern New York artisans and planned to stop there. It was located right on the highway, though I parked around the corner next to a Chinese restaurant:

I had hoped to find lots of things for sale which might make unique and interesting Christmas gifts, though I suspected they'd be pricey. What I did find was what appeared to be a museum specializing in the works of upstate artists. While it was impressive, I saw nothing for sale:

These all appeared to be permanent exhibits, not items for sale:

So I just toured the exhibits and enjoyed it for what it was:

TAUNY, I leaned, stands for Traditional Arts In Upstate New York. Their website is here:

They had some very fine and impressive things. I found it odd to look out their front window and discover a McDonald's.  Alas, they're everywhere! Before I left the TAUNY Center, I asked the woman at the front desk about items for sale. She told me that they'd just undergone an extensive restoration and had just begun bringing in items for sale. My timing was not good. I thanked her and went back out to my car to continue my tour of Canton:

I took a turn onto a side street and discovered this walkway across a beautiful, large river. I also learned that there's a branch of the State University Of New York in Canton as there is in Potsdam. Of course you know that I parked my car and walked across the bridge:

The river, I learned later, was the Grasse River, and it was a beauty:

It led to a wooded area where I saw a few people strolling on that fine November day. I've since discovered that the land on the west side of the river was the SUNY Canton campus:

From the bridge I looked toward downtown Canton, only a few blocks away:

At the other end of the bridge was a blacktopped path through fine old trees. This was University property and was lighted and well kept:

But it was time for me to continue my tour of Canton, so I walked back across the Grasse River to my parked car. I'll post more tomorrow:

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