Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finishing The Driving Tour

I was on a driving tour of two towns near the farm and had visited both Potsdam and Canton, New York. I found both to be beautiful towns with bustling commerce, two universities each and lovely old homes. I'd just left Canton and was on my way back to Potsdam when I passed the main campus of Clarkson University. Well, you know I had to turn around and go see for myself:

I found an impressive campus with a mix of old and new buildings:

This, I guessed, was a dorm and it certainly looked more welcoming than the sky scraper towers we had at Ohio State:

There was a whole group of modern brick structures:

I have been told that Clarkson is renown for its engineering program:

I passed one fine old building on my way back to highway and wondered what it might be. But by then I was becoming tired and anxious to get home, so I didn't drive in to take a closer look:

I did, however, stop briefly to photograph this magnificent old church built of Potsdam Red Sandstone. It was Trinity Episcopal, erected in 1835 and with a 110 foot tower. It is located on an island in the Raquette River:

But then I had to get myself back home and, leaving Potsdam, passed once again through big sky farm country:

To my own little farm in the hinterlands:

The dogs were ecstatic to see me and just as ecstatic to see their dog food:

Being November, the sun set early and we settled in for the night. We were to leave for Albany the next morning so bedtime was early:

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