Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Driving Through Two Adirondack Towns

We were on our way up to the farm, the dogs and I, for a weekend visit and traveling Route 28N. When we arrived at the wonderful Adirondack town of Newcomb, New York, I at first stopped at the park with its nice views of the high peaks. But I've photographed them many times before and they just didn't look much different that day. So I turned onto a side road and followed it a short distance until it ended at the Hudson River Information Center. No one was there, but I got out to take a look:

There was a small logging museum and out behind the building was, not surprisingly, the Hudson River. Folks in southern New York would be surprised to see the mighty Hudson so small, so pristine, so lovely, The river runs almost east to west at this point and this view is looking west:

And looking east:

But that was all there was, so I hopped back into the car, returned to the highway and stopped again at Lake Harris, also in Newcomb. Again, no one was there so this time I let the dogs out:

They were all excited and happy to be out, exercising and giving everything the sniff test:

Crabby little old Winky, however, was moving very slowly and needed a lot of encouragement to get him to join us:

But join us he did, and seemed very happy about it:

The next order of business, of course, was getting all the dogs back into the car. This went quite well except for Winky. He was as slow as usual and required a boost to get him up into the car:

When we arrived in the Adirondack town of Long Lake, I stopped at Hoss's general store. It was decorated with real birch bark and twig art. And if that's not enough, there was a giant bear outside. Their website is here:

Hoss's had a giant eagle or two plus more bears, ducks and herons on and about its front porch:

I went inside to buy myself a sandwich, but as has happened before, their deli was abandoned and nothing was available. Luckily there was a convenience store right across the street, so I bought a sandwich and we continued on our way. I'll post more tomorrow:

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