Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Miniature Rose Population Has Increased

My local grocery store has been selling miniature roses all summer long and I'd finally broken down and purchased some. Then I purchased a few more and ended up with four large outdoor pots filled with variously colored mini-roses which bloomed all summer and right through our first several snow falls. But then one day I was in the store when I saw a "Buy one and get two free" sale on miniature roses. I intended to ignore them but noticed two new colors and all my resolve collapsed:

I purchased a pure lavender, a red so dark it's almost black and a yellow/red striped. Since our weather had turned so cold so early, I began setting them outside during the day and bringing them in to the porch at night. I plan to pot each one in a separate 12" pot which will give me seven pots of miniature roses, four of them with two plants each. Yikes! But, assuming they thrive, I'll be able to move them up to the farm with me when I retire:

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