Saturday, October 1, 2016

Remy And Blue, Miniature Horses

Blue and Remy fight over their food, so I feed them in separate stalls. This also prevents the big cows from muscling in on their dinnertime:

When I call the herd in for grain each morning, I try to get Remy and Blue to arrive first so I can put them safely in their stalls before the big red eating machines fill up the interior of the barn:

The little horses were unsure about apples at first but they figured it out in short order:

When I drive my car out into the field, they consider it their personal toy:

Remy took a big bite out of my steering wheel. I bought a steering wheel cover to hide the damage, but he reached in again and bit the cover also. Luckily, I stopped him before too much damage was done:

Who, me?

Blue and Remy were close by when Tabitha was born. They kept trying to get close and check her out but mama Rosella chased them off each time. See how they are pretending to be innocently grazing? They were really watching for an opportunity to run over and check out the new baby:

I'm mobbed by tiny horses when I drive out into the field:

Pet me! Pet me!

They lead a happy life:

And they're well fed - some would say too well fed:

And even with Scarlett and Tabitha in the foreground, Remy and Blue somehow steal the show:

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