Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coveytown Road In Burke, New York - Part 2

I was driving Coveytown Road in rural Burke, New York (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). All along the length of it were family farms and large fields. Both the barns and the fields were larger than commonly seen around here, and they certainly were scenic:

A sugar house, with a small family vegetable garden beside it:

A smaller family home:

Another country home:

An old fashioned, large barn - or series of barns:

Another large barn, with silo and grain bin:

A colorful herd of dairy heifers:

This wonderful house caused me to stop and admire it. The pink flowers, the clothesline out back and the two tiered front porch were exceptional:

Another old country home with drying laundry and a big front porch:

A horse pasture (I guessed), set back from the road and bordered by colorful autumn foliage:

Farm house and barn, both the old fashioned green color which once upon a time was the style in these parts, with autumn leaves, pasture and bird house beside it:

Another view of the above house, this one showing a new barn under construction and a red (not green) barn in the background:

Coveytown Road became narrower, unpaved and more sparsely populated as I continued westward, but I stopped to admire and photograph this big barn in excellent repair:

My last photo of the day was this country home, built in what I call the New England style, with all the buildings, including the barn, connected for easier use in winter weather:

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