Monday, October 3, 2016

The Red Poll Gals

 I had in mind the tune to "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight" when I titled this post. It doesn't make sense, I suppose, since both cattle and buffaloes are daytime creatures, but I still like the tune. In fact, they began resisting coming in for grain early in the morning so I started calling them later, allowing them their beauty sleep:

Little Tabitha was a runner since she was born and she's even faster now:

 There are still four cows who are not pregnant for next year and I am keeping a close watch on them so I can tell when they come into heat. So far, I haven't seen anything. Rosella came into heat today but it was only 35 days since she calved, too early to inseminate her again. I'll watch extra carefully 20 days from now:

 Immediately after eating their grain, the cows have a drink of water and then head out into the field to begin their day:

Tabitha, taking a momentary break from running:

 I have been driving out into the south field regularly and the animals all come over, hoping for some food:

 I do give them apples sometimes, but it was not a big apple year and the cows are too fat already anyway:

 The guy up the road brings a wagon load of grass clippings each week. At first the cows didn't know what it was, then they waited until he left before eating it. Now they run right over, recognizing him as the source of the good grass:

 And they sure do enjoy it!

They most often sleep in the far south field, a small section which is rather isolated from the rest of the south pasture. It was hayed in July so the weeds never got a good start and it's mostly grass:

 The old stone wall separates the main field from their favored sleeping field, though they have two wide gates through which they can come and go at will:

 Both horses spend day and night with the cows, following them almost everywhere. The cows put up with them but don't seem to feel the same attachment which the horses feel:

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