Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Short Walk On The Hays Brook Trail

The dogs and I were in the neighborhood, so we stopped for a short walk on the Hays Brook Trail:

This is a lovely trail but with so many wilder, longer trails nearby, few people use this one. That makes it just wonderful for us:

We ventured off the trail and into the mossy Adirondack woods:

Jack and Daphne ran, albeit in opposite directions:

And Fergus stood still to listen and sniff for wild animals:

But soon we were back on the trail:

The dogs kept running too far ahead, so I kept telling them to "Stop!" Jack was especially animated and ran so far ahead that I decided to hide so he'd panic when he looked back and didn't see us. That happened a number of times but I don't think he got the point. It just seemed to add to his fun:

It was a perfect day for hike:

The forest floor was covered in moss and reindeer lichens:

But this was just a short excursion and we soon turned back toward our car:

This photo reminds me the most of what it looked like to be there - tall trees, mysterious forest and happy dogs on an adventure:

The strong sun and dark shadows made picture taking difficult, and when we broke out into the full sunlight, I put my camera away. We were almost to the car anyway. It was a short but worthwhile walk:

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