Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Coveytown Road in Burke, New York - Part 1

I had my roosters butchered at a Mennonite farm in the town of Burke, NY in Franklin County. Coveytown Road, on which the farm was located, was so beautiful that I decided to take some photos:

The autumn color and white fence added to the picture of an old tractor and bulldozer:

A beautiful family farm, typical of what I saw on Coveytown Road:

I almost missed this herd of Holsteins taking a drink of water alongside the road. I had to stop and back up to get the photo:

Old fashioned barns and grain bin, still in active service:

This is the Mennonite farm where they butchered my roosters. It was clean and a wondrous combination of the modern and old fashioned:

A family farm with more Holsteins lounging in the adjacent field:

This was real dairy country, with huge barns and fields of flat, fertile land:

Another farm behind the fence and driveway:

These were giant work horses, though I didn't know what breed. Notice the black mare and her foal:

A bustling barn, probably a dairy barn:

This wonderful house went with the above barn. Look at that front porch!:

A large scale dairy farm. Coveytown Road continued on, and I kept taking pictures. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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