Monday, October 10, 2016

Little Horses, Big Play Time

It was a cool afternoon and I'd just finished giving the cattle and horses some apples. A few minutes later, the two horses began running in great circles, increasing their speed and rowdiness. They scattered the hens, chasing them under the fence toward the hay bales for protection, and then they ran past me:

Blue ran toward the barn, with Remy chasing him:

Then they circled around toward the gravel road and turned back toward me. It must have been a sugar rush due to the apples they'd eaten, because they were running full speed:

They swung to the north, passing the empty bale feeder:

Then they circled around the cows and back toward the barn. By then, Remy was in the lead and Blue was behind him, nipping at his rear end:

They ran toward me, so intent on their horse play (now I know how the term originated) that I wasn't sure they'd miss me:

And then back toward the stock tank and barn. Remy threw a kick to the side, trying to get Blue off balance:

Full speed toward the stock tank:

And then Remy chased Blue, headed east:

Then Blue chased Remy, headed southwest:

And back toward the cattle. Scarlett, the new mother, was getting worried and I feared she might go after the little horses (not that she could catch them):

It was a grand circus of fun, presented on the stage of my south pasture. I've seen them play like this before, but never when I could get good photos of all the shenanigans. This was the kind of afternoon which makes rural life a pleasure: