Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn Color On New York State Route 420

I saw some beautiful autumn color on my way to church one Sunday but couldn't stop to take pictures. The next day, however, I repeated the drive north on Rt 420 from the town of Stockholm through the town of Norfolk, to the town of Massena. This time I had the leisure to stop and a camera by my side:

It wasn't all uniformly colorful and some places which were gorgeous were obscured by telephone and electric wires. But I found plenty of lovely color along the way:

This wondrous color was on the banks of the St. Regis River as I crossed over it on a bridge:

I feared the sun would spoil this photo, but instead it helped to make it look as wonderful as did the scene in real time:

I passed this colorful herd of cattle and horses:

The row of pines in the foreground helped accentuate the hardwoods:

The brilliant morning sun helped light up the colored leaves as if they glowed from the inside:

A lone red tree with a hay field behind it:

More autumn color:

Some gentler, more muted colors:

Another row of autumn color behind a row of conifers. I'm sure glad I took the time to make this drive so that I could share the beauty with you:

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