Saturday, October 29, 2016

Autumn Activity At The Farm

The baby chicks, pretty much all grown up, began roaming the yard but since 13 out of 18 of them were roosters, I knew things couldn't continue on like that. They were crowing, pooping, fighting and soon to begin bullying the hens:

So I took 12 of the 13 roosters to a Mennonite farm to become miniature roasting chickens. What I had left was one rooster and five hens plus my older Barred Rock bantams:

I picked up twelve little roasters the next day and was shocked at how tiny they were. They looked like long legged pigeons:

Two easily fit in a small roasting pan with potatoes and carrots. I could have fit four, but two at a time was enough. There wasn't much meat on them but they tasted good and made wonderful soup with wide egg noodles:

The cows and horses are fat, shiny and friendly. I began running out of apples in mid October:

I planted some Iris, Fritillaria and Tulips in October for flowers next spring:

The cedar trees on my property produced tiny cones and the old leaves turned a beautiful gold color. Then the old leaves and cones began falling, covering my back porch every day:

I often get glorious sunsets and sunrises but this western sky at dusk was one of the most spectacular. I wish the camera could pick up the mysterious inner glow of such sights. They are breathtaking:

My high school fiftieth class reunion was in October. I couldn't go, but a former classmate and her husband drove out to visit after the reunion was over. We fed apples to the cattle:

And also to the miniature horses:

It's hard to believe we haven't seen each other or spoken (except via Facebook) in fifty years:

My classmate was a former horsewoman and knew just how to win Blue's heart. He's generally shy and standoffish but quickly warmed up to her:

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