Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Further Adventures Of Pets At Home

Well, perhaps I should have titled this the further adventures AND NAPS of pets at home. This shot of Fergus, Bugsy, Clover and Daphne would be a case in point:

 Outdoors, Seamus got to watch and bark at the man who cut and baled the hay in the north field. The parked hay mower was cause for much canine curiosity:

 All that barking can wear a guy out, so Seamus went back inside to nap with Daphne and Clover:

 Outdoors, the best shade before afternoon can be found on the ramp. Little Jack, however, figured out that digging a hole and curling up inside it can make it feel even cooler:

 Bugsy and Fergus, two buddies sharing a floor pillow:

 The time finally came that I opened the door to the room in which Daisy was getting used to her new home. I put up three baby gates to allow increased interaction between Daisy and the other residents, while preventing any fights. Not surprisingly, Bugsy was there instantly, demanding to get in and investigate:

 Bramble is still the most photogenic of the cats:

 And Bramble also likes curling up with Bugsy, this time on the fleecy dog beds:

 Rocky, the tuxedo cat, seldom came downstairs until recently. Now he spends much time on the first floor and considers himself a good friend of Bramble, Bugsy and Seamus:

 In a neat trick somewhat like Jack's hole, Clover has figured out that the flat stones in the shade of the Rugosa Roses are cool and comfortable:

 I tried introducing Bugsy to Dixie, the guinea pig. Bugsy was interested in the strange new animal but Dixie panicked and jumped off the bed. I ended the experiment after that:

 More power napping - Bugsy, Bramble and Clover:

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