Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cats And Dogs

The dogs no longer had to worry about the heat as autumn moved into the north country:

Rocky stayed indoors and his personality seemed to blossom, partly because of little Bugsy's persistence in getting him to play:

Seamus and Jack in the back yard:

Fergus, Daphne and Clover in their fenced yard. They love to hang out on or near the ramp:

Daisy seems happy in her new home but spends both day and night in the designated cat room, mostly on her own personal cat tree. She's free to come and go whenever she wants, but she seems content. No, she seems more than content - she seems happy in her new situation:

Daphne, Clover and Rocky in a big cuddle-fest:

Everything and everybody in the house is a toy for Bugsy, but his favorite is the catnip filled disc with the ball inside. When he gets tired of moving the ball, he'll throw the whole toy around and open up the catnip reservoir:

Dignified Georgette regards all this silliness from her perch atop the highest cat tree. She doesn't mind any of the animals, as long as they stay out of her face and leave her alone:

Fergus, Seamus and Daphne in the farm house kitchen:

Bramble in the living room. Bramble was always skittish about people but has, just recently, become an affectionate cat. I guess persistence pays off:

This picture was taken from the living room, looking through the hallway (where Seamus and Rocky are) to the kitchen (where Clover, Fergus and Daphne are sleeping):

Jack, Fergus, Daphne and Clover:

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